Thursday, April 8, 2010

Legal Action

Tonight I went on what was by far one of the best dates I've been on in my dating career. For the first time I felt like I took advantage of what my town has to offer. This wasn't my first date with Mr. Legal Action and after tonight it definitely wont be my last.

We began with a trip to the Museum of Jurassic Technology, which is absolutely not what you're expecting. Check it out, but I advise the website does not do what I nicknamed "the Haunted House" justice: Together, LA and I explored the wonders offered by the Museum including Collections from Los Angeles Area Mobile Homes; Micromosaics; Floral Radiographs; and our favorite exhibit a collection about superstitions, old wives tales, and remedies for bad mojo (one that really made an impression: "One of a bridegrooms shoes (left) should be left untied during the marriage ceremony 'to prevent on the bridal night his being deprived of the power of loosening the virgin zone'.") . As we investigated the labyrinthian Museum room by room we found all kinds of treasures and plenty of opportunities to flirt.

So many of the exhibits required closer inspection and thus closer proximity for LA and me. We teased and toyed as we walked around; we laughed and joked about the exhibits and this Museum of oddities. So many dark corners made a stolen kiss here or there possible, but neither of us gave in regardless of the growing tension. The Cat's Cradle and Russian Space Dog exhibits did alleviate much of that tension through sheer ridiculousness and soon the Museum's proprietor instructed us they were closing. LA and I decided move on to phase two of the evening--dinner.

We walked a few blocks to a sort of restaurant row and picked a Korean Barbecue that appeared to have potential. It was a fantastic place, I assure you and I tried very hard to remember the name, but alas I did not. We spent a few hours cooking and devouring delicious meets and vegetables. We gabbed for hours about everything and none of the silences were awkward.
Of course, it didn't come as a surprise when LA invited me to his house for a nightcap. Like a good girl, I declined the offer. However, I welcomed his advances when LA leaned in for a kiss. So LA only saw a little action, but it was definitely good and I'm confident he'll be calling back for more.

XO Jane

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