Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Impeccable Taste

The other day I had the pleasure of experiencing another fantastic date. I say this despite the minor mishaps I endured. The Impeccable Taste provided not only an enjoyable experience but he was a generally enjoyable person. A handsome fella, the IT worked in some sort of technological field. He must be good at his job because he could afford to live in a lovely condo in an expensive part of town. Because he was so clever, attractive, and a great planner I felt absolutely terrible for being about fifteen minutes late to our date. He had arranged for us to see a concert in a great outdoor amphitheater I'd never been to despite having lived near it most of my life.

I met IT at his place and we trekked to the market together where we picked up the contents of what would be our picnic. He picked out wine like a pro, taking into account my tastes and we took our bounty back to his condo where we left my car and walked to the amphitheater. The walk was about a mile and I definitely wore the wrong shoes. Add that to missing sidewalk on certain parts of our journey and close-calls with oncoming traffic were not unheard of. Somehow he managed to get us to our destination unscathed. We walked up a big hill with a massive indie crowd. Hip hairstyles, cool clothes, and aloof attitudes abounded as I gawked (and panted) the whole way. Naturally, being a bit conservative I felt slightly out of place but that didn't stop me from enjoying the scenery.

IT was a little closer to me in dress but obviously closer to the indie folks in lifestyle. As we walked he talked about his vegetarianism, his love of earth and life, and socially liberal ideals. Of course I was a bit surprised to hear about his fiscally conservative outlook. The Democrat at heart was very Republican on issues of spending. So I goaded him like any good gal would. After a while I realized arguing about politics may not be his idea of a good time. Usually, this wouldn't bother me but I wanted IT to know I was grateful for his time and effort on this date so I changed the subject to something more pleasant.

The chatter lightened and while we searched for our seats we talked about my inexperience at the venue and how it really doesn't matter what you see, just that you make an event of it. Much to our dismay our row was looking rather crowded so we opted to sit in the seats directly in front of our assigned ones. "Brilliant idea!" I commended him. That was until the real owners of those seats showed up. So we crammed ourselves into our paid seats and settled in with wine, cheese, and a berry salad.

The night was fantastic! The music was great as was the company and the wine. In fact, after just enough wine I happily followed IT on the walk back to his house so that I could let the sobering begin before my drive home. Our conversation struggled a bit while the loud, live music was entertaining us, but once we were walking on the quiet street it picked right up. By the time we arrived at his house, we were really hitting it off. That's exactly why I did not mind at all when IT decided to move in for a kiss. It was sweet and not too aggressive and I was very pleased, which would make what would happen very disappointing.

IT gave me a quick tour of his apartment. It was nice, but definitely a bachelor pad. He insisted I try the absinthe he had recently procured. After one sip I decided it was not for me, especially since my goal was to get less tipsy. It seemed his goal for me was not the same as he continued to offer various wines that I continued to decline. I assume IT could sense my desire to head home since he started reaching for new ways to keep me entertained--music, art, stories, more kissing. Finally, while we sat on the couch he clued me in to what I assume was the real reason he invited me up. He unzipped his pants, removed his member, and suggested I give him some manual pleasure. I declined. I also promptly headed for the door.

It was a short ride home, infused with much laughter. The date was 90% fantastic and I enjoyed it for the most part. It was a shame it ended in such a vulgar way. At least IT was polite about his offer, as tasteless as it was.

XO Jane